How To Do The Basic At-Home Facial

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If you’re anything like me, Friday nights aren’t what they used to be. After a long exhausting week, getting glammed up and hitting the town is the furthest thing from my mind. Instead, I use that glorious evening to wind down and partake in a little self-indulging. After a glass of merlot, I slip into my favorite silk robe and give myself an at-home facial. What better way to (literally) wash away the stress of the week and prepare your skin for the fabulous weekend ahead?

1. The First Step is to CLEANSE. With the skin-appropriate cleanser of your choice gently wash away all impurities (dirt & oil) from your face and neck. Use upward and outward strokes when massaging the product into your skin.

2. Once the skin is fresh and clean I then EXFOLIATE. Exfoliating is extremely necessary because it removes the dead skin cells on the top layer of the skin and unblocks your pores. Opt for all natural DIY exfoliators that can be made using ingredients found in your kitchen.

3. After exfoliation is complete I STEAM my face using the RejuvaMist Ionic Facial Steamer. Face steaming is essential because the process softens the skin, improves circulation, increases perspiration, promotes sebum expression, and promotes better product penetration. And did I forget to mention the fabulous anti-aging benefits!

4. Next, apply the MASK of your choice to your face and neck. I prefer to switch up the type of mask based on the specific skin issues I’m experiencing, or the type of mood I’m in. Homemade masks can be whipped up in your kitchen in a matter of minutes using fresh, natural products. If you’re not the DIY type of girl, there are plenty of great masks to choose from.

5. The final step is to MOISTURIZE. This step is actually broken down into three steps for me – Serum/Oil, Overnight Cream & Eye Cream. Using both the serum and overnight cream aren’t absolutely necessary, one or the other, or a product that provides all the necessary benefits is fine. However I never skip out on 3 IN 1 EYE Bright by LASHEM. It smoothens, brightens, & firms my eyes as I sleep.

Once your spa night at home is complete. Kick back and continue to bask in relaxation. Hey, you deserve it.

Get Cara Delevingne’s Signature Beauty Look

Cara DelevingneThe eccentric style and lush eyebrows of British supermodel Cara Delevingne
has captured the glam world’s attention. And why not? In a midst of hi-fashion celebs and classy supermodels, her streetsmart and carefree disposition just seem to break the monotony of the red carpet.

Here are four ways you can try the Delevingne-look using your makeup at home. Brace yourselves, and get your hands dirty pulling ideas from this amazing model’s style file!

1. The Eyebrow Trick

Nothing is more iconic than Cara Delevingne’s heavy, untamed brows! If you want to have ‘em, then start ditching the tweezers and get a tinted brow gel. Generously brush the uneven portions of your brows until they look strong and consistent. We know, it’s hard to copy… but at least making the fullest out of the strands you have can do the trick. Don’t have naturally thick eyebrows? You can try our lash enhancing serum to grow more strands in a matter of weeks.

2. Smokey Eyes and Deep Black Mascara

Cara’s eyes are as expressive as they can be because of glitter-shot lids and velvet black mascara. For starters, you must find good metallic makeup that will match your skin color, preferably midnight tones like grey, blue, and violet.

As for the lashes, use the blackest of black mascaras like our Double Trouble Mascara. It’s okay to be picky with this kind of makeup, as you need to find something that has superb lengthening and volumizing properties so you can match Cara’s expressive, punk lashes.

3. Nude Lips

Since Cara’s signature look is in her eyes, it’s better to play down the lips by selecting nude hues instead of bright colors. Be cautious with using striking colors like red. Your going to stun people with your eyes, so you don’t want to showcase your lips. As a rule of thumb, mauves and deep plums are good, but avoid the sunny oranges and hot pinks.

4. Beach Wavy Hair

If styling your hair is an inconvenience, here’s some great news: you don’t have to spend much time tidying it up if you’re going for the Cara look. Beach wavy hair will only take you about five minutes to copy. Find a good hair mousse or beach spray, squeeze a handful and apply like you don’t care. Sure, you can comb it out, but don’t overdo it. The unruly blond locks is just part of the playful charm we’re trying to bring out.

Finally, you can use a punk jacket and skin-tight jeans to match the powerful makeup. Now you’re free to roam the streets and go crazy for the next night out! Don’t forget to tweet us your favorite Cara-inspired fashion look @Lashem before you go!

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Double Trouble Mascara

How To Get The Perfect Eyebrows

Here at Lashem, we can’t stress how important eyebrows are. They contribute a lot to our current culture today: beauty, nonverbal communication and individual appearance.

We know that creating the perfect eyebrows takes practice. Whether you prefer them thick or thin, we’ve devised a simple cheat sheet below, using Lashem’s Color Strokes Brow Tint and Lift.

Perfect Eyebrows

That’s it, you’re all done. Show us your brows, ladies! Are you going big and bold, or thin and pointy? Tag us at #LashemBrows!