Lashem Selfie Contest: Win $1,000 & Makeup!

contestHello Lashem fans! We’ve EXTENDED our Selfie Contest for the week! Please complete the directions below for your chance to win the grand prize of a Makeup Gift Basket AND $1,000 cash!

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**Prize Details:
1st place: $1,000 CASH & Makeup Basket (includes: Rejuvabrush Facial Cleansing System, a 78–color eyeshadow palette (includes cheek color and face powder foundation), eyeliner, mascara, sparkle lip gloss and two pairs of false eyelashes
2nd place: $250 CASH
3rd place: a tube of Extensions In A Bottle Mascara
**Winners must LIKE our page and be a U.S. resident. Winners will be announced on 05/011/2015
Good Luck! XO

Award Season: How to prep the night before

skincare     Months of preparation go into major televised fashion and beauty events like the Academy Awards! Skincare is the top most priority for flawless perfection; therefore, A-list celebrities like to undergo specific regimens in order to prep weeks in advanced.  Treatments like: laser hair removal, professional teeth whitening, Botox, and chemical peels are just some of the many common procedures to endure in order to get red-carpet ready! Not to mention, a well-balanced diet plan of healthy-eating and exercise to help squeeze into those model-esq. gowns. That being said, we wanted to introduce a couple of new beauty tricks that starlets use in order to prepare for the big day!

Before the army of makeup artists come knocking on the door, stars like to freshen up before the big day by taking vitamin shots. These specific vitamin shots (B12) aren’t found by simply running to the juice bar; it’s an actual shot you must get from a clinic performed by a syringe. These shots are said to make you more alert, energetic, and focused. Best of all? It’s the perfect hangover cure to an (After) Oscar Party! Starlets like Madonna, Cara Delevingne and Rihanna are all fans of vitamin injections.

The Oscars are a whole day-to-night event, so getting your skin 100% prepped to be as soft and smooth as possible is a must! Think of the skin as being the canvas for makeup. You would want it to be as clear, and smooth as possible for the makeup to stay on all day without fading away into the night.  That being said, the one treatment starlets undergo is the quick and painless procedure of microdermabrasion. Performed by expert facialists, microdermabrasion is a treatment that accelerates the exfoliation of dead skin and jump-starts the production of new skin cells. In addition to the treatment, starlets like to sleep with an overnight face mask to really tighten and rejuvenate the skin right before Oscar Sunday.

So, there you have it! Aside from the usual treatments most women endure, these out-of-the-norm celebrity treatments are apparently the necessities needed to prepare for the big day. Share with us some of your skincare treatments, tips, and tricks you think work to prepare your skin for major events by using #Lashemskincare.

Make Skincare Your Valentine

skincare vday    Valentine’s Day is swiftly approaching and we’re excited to see what’s trending! This rose-centric day is all about you and we’ve got a date with the spa! Pamper your skin and celebrate by indulging in an aromatherapy-based feet & face experience. We’ve provided you with a couple of treatments you will want to do every February 14th!

 Facials/masks: Pampering your skin with a facial is the perfect way to treat yourself! This form of treatment helps remove toxins from the skin by deep cleansing the dirt, oil, and grease found under the surface. In addition, if you’re looking for an at-home treatment, then a face mask is another great way to celebrate Valentine’s Day. This DIY treatment is designed to not only remove dead skin, but to nourish and pamper it by hydrating and smoothening out the surface.

Pedicures: Due to the fact that Valentine’s Day is in the midst of winter, showing off our feet can be a rare occasion. Even though it is closed-toe season, taking care of your tootsies are still important in preserving the health of your feet. Moreover, pedicures usually include amazing warm-water soaks and oil massages with lotions and exfoliates as well as removal of callus, blisters, and cracks that can potentially cause infections in the future. Not only is a pedicure good for your health, but the overall experience is a soothing spa for your feet!

And there you have it! Two solid treatments we shouldn’t neglect during the colder seasons, but embrace for future health. Treating yourself to a spa session this Valentine’s Day will be one experience you’ll enjoy whether you have a date or not! Share with us your tips on skincare routines by using #lashemskincare.

Prepare for Winter Skincare

skincare    When fighting off that harsh blizzard chill this February season, we find it hard to keep our skin from drying out. The cold may bring a touch of rosiness to our cheeks; however, it can also bring an uncomfortable dryness, leaving our skin dehydrated. To prevent that, here are a few skincare secrets on preserving moisture to enhance our radiance.

The first thing we recommend is a moisturizer for your face. A great quality product would be one that includes an SPF of 15-30+ and is at a medium strength. This means, the product should be an oil-free moisturizer. This would be worth your investment because you will still be retaining moisture, while reducing clogged pores, thus, resulting in a lower reaction to breakouts.

In addition to quality moisturizer, add a hydrating serum like Lashem’s Picture Perfect to the mix of your beauty regimen! This specific serum helps reduce redness for a refined texture and tone. With regular use, it will nourish your skin, giving it a lifted look! Also, a daily use of an eye serum like the 3-IN-1 EYE BRIGHT will add a youthful touch. This serum has a formula of botanical extracts that help reduce puffiness, dark circles, redness, and fine lines, resulting in a brighter appearance.

Lastly, there’s nothing worse than having chapped lips! We recommend investing in a quality lip balm to take on the go as well as a bottle of petroleum jelly to have at home. These products play a strong role into creating a moisture-rich foundation, giving you an effortlessly sleek, dewy look. Moreover, adding a touch of lip balm everyday can also set a great base for a top coat of lip color.

Don’t let winter win this season! Add these simple beauty products to your everyday routine and kiss that dryness goodbye! Share with us some of your skincare regimens by using #lashemskincare.

Skincare: Different Kinds of Lasers

diff lasersWe tend to live by the notion, “the greater the risk, the greater the reward.” In terms of cosmetology, we would climb mountains to strive for that ever-lasting beauty, thus, making cosmetic laser treatments our go-to source.  With lasers, there are so many varieties of each one that it could be hard to determine what the purpose of them might be used for in terms of treatment. In the beauty and cosmetology industry, we found that there are two different kinds of categories that these lasers are distinguished under: The Ablative kind and the Non-ablative kind. Let’s look at the facts:

Ablative Lasers generally fall under the deep skin issue treatments of: acne, wrinkles, fine lines, and sun damage. These lasers tend to be more on the aggressive/invasive side, but produce the best clinical results and work by vaporizing the outer layers of the skin. This process causes the skin to restructure itself, while increasing collagen production. In addition, these types of lasers present a longer recovery time and are meant to show results within just one procedure.

Non-ablative Lasers are meant to be less invasive than ablative treatments because they work by heating up the targeted tissue, without destroying it. This process is meant to heal skin imperfections as well as hair removal treatments. With these lasers, multiple sessions are needed in order to complete the overall treatment. Treatments with non-ablative lasers vary depending on the patient’s skin type and overall recovery process.

When it comes to lasers, we would have to thoroughly research the best approach depending on our individual skin types, side-effects, and overall results. If you’re looking to test out what would work best for you, the Non-ablative treatment is the way to go because you pay per session and get to see if you’re getting monthly results. If you want to cut out the journey of trial and error, than see a medical professional and go for the Ablative procedure. Share with us what you think about laser treatments by using #lashemskincare.

Common Mistakes to Avoid Oily Skin

serumsEveryone wants that celebrity-esq flawless skin, however, when it comes to our faces, we expand on this curiosity of researching how we can achieve this ever-elusive radiance without getting oily skin.

As we know, there is no permanent solution to oily skin, but avoiding a few common mistakes can help reduce the amount of oil you see and feel.

First off, we tend to think that the more we wash, the less oily our skin becomes. In turn, that may be true in some aspect, however, this routine of over-washing can not only dry-out your skin, but strip away the natural oils you need in order to have that nourished look and feel we strive to achieve! In addition to over-washing, too much exfoliating can actually worsen the condition of your skin, leaving your skin prone to break outs and pealing.

Another common mistake would be to completely avoid moisturizing your skin in general. Hydrating your skin plays a significant role in retaining the moisture we purposely try to strip away after a thorough rinse. We suggest you invest in good quality facial moisturizers that are labeled as “non-greasy” and offer an SPF 15-30+ as well, in order to preserve your natural oils without the awful greasy after effects.

Lastly, there is no greater mistake to make on avoiding oily skin, than to be switching products on a regular basis. We understand that there are new products out on the market every day; however, by doing so, you’re actually attacking your skin’s overall health with a multiple hit of different chemicals all at once. Therefore, we suggest you stick to one continuous use of a good quality face wash and moisturizer for at least 2-3 months to really test it out and get a feel of how it is affecting your skin in a positive way.

Whether you’re dealing with acne and clogged pores or not, maintain the right amount of natural oils can be a tricky situation. By following these simple rules, you’ll achieve a better understanding of what your skin really needs. Share with us some of your beauty secrets on how you avoid oily skin by using #lashemskincare.

Face the Facts: Thermage VS Picture Perfect

anti-aging techniquesIn the beauty industry, we strive to have a youthful-looking appearance no matter what the age! There are so many revolutionary skincare and anti-aging options out there that it can be hard to figure out where exactly to begin. As we navigate our way into the spectrum of which option to pick, professional treatment or serums, we took it upon ourselves to compare two very highly-effective methods to anti-aging solutions. We have chosen to compare Lashem’s Picture Perfect Serum VS Thermage.

To start off, we’ll provide you with the facts! As a medical treatment, Thermage uses radio-frequency waves to generate heat that stimulates new collagen and tightens the skin. This method of skincare is sought to be effective in just one treatment, with little recovery time. Everything about this method seems to be great; however it can definitely break the bank depending on long term effects.

On the other hand, there are fantastic skincare serums out there that won’t be as expensive, but will still go by the most upheld rule of thumb, “you get what you pay for.” To explain a little further about the effectiveness of serums, we like to begin by enlightening you about Lashem’s Picture Perfect. This lightweight serum supplies elasticity and smoothens skin, while filling in fine lines for a more rested, youthful appearance. In addition, this serum includes many other benefits such as: diminishing dark circles, hydrating around the eyes, and most importantly, fighting the key signs of aging.

As we research into which skincare treatment is right for you, it really comes down to the facts. Medical treatments can promise a quick fix, but there is always the risk of complications and “touch-up” visits that can also be expensive. Beauty serums on the other hand, can be an on-going process, but if done correctly and continuously, the end-result will be worth your investment.

All in all, we agree that both treatments are enticing, but in the end it comes down to the question of whether you would want a quick fix or a long-term effect. Share with us some of your beauty tips on skincare by using #Lashemskincare.

Surprising Celebrity Beauty Secrets

Halle Berry looking at a camera

US Weekly magazine’s feature, “Stars – They’re Just Like Us”, show A-List celebs performing ordinary daily tasks that are the norm for us ‘regular people’. And besides the enviable connections, incredible salaries and swarms of fans constantly hounding them, we are all quite similar. We all deal with bad hair days, bouts of breakouts, stubborn cellulite and a host of other beauty mishaps; however, we could learn a lot from celebs when it comes to their methods to battling such misfortunes.

TV Host & Fashion Designer Kristin Cavallari doesn’t fret when gets a blemish, she simply soaks a cotton swab or cotton ball in Visine and applies it to the area to “get the red out”.
Sometimes you simply can’t get the recommended 8 hours of sleep necessary to make the skin appear fresh and healthy. To awaken skin from the dead when she has a 4 AM call time, actress Claire Daines opts for a five-minute facial massage to get things flowing.

Actress Blake Lively is absolutely flawless from head to toe. To maintain her gorgeous head of enviable locks, she relies on beauty tip passed down from her mother – putting mayonnaise on the bottom half of her hair before showering so that shampoo wouldn’t strip it leaving it brittle.
To maintain her clear, blemish free complexion, actress Scarlett Johansson cleanses her skin with high-potency apple cider vinegar. No wonder she’s always camera ready.

Actress Halle Berry is unarguably the most beautiful woman in Hollywood (if not the world), and at nearly 50 her body is to die for. To prevent and eliminate stubborn cellulite she adds coffee grounds to her body wash. Caffeine and exfoliation will help increase blood flow and smooth skin.

There you have it! Sometimes, the best beauty secrets are the ones on your shelves – if you keep an open mind, who knows what the results may bring!

Secret Beauty Weapon: Eye Am Beautiful Set

Woman at a slight angle

Every woman loves a kit full of amazing beauty products that promises to help them appear more youthful and fabulous. The Eye Am Beautiful Set by LASHEM is a compilation of the brand’s most popular skincare and eye makeup finds.

Lash Enhancing Serum – This clinically tested serum is infused with a safe and effective peptide treatment that nourishes and conditions lashes and brows, while promoting growth. With 100% of women noticing improvement within 2 weeks of testing, this product is an eyelash must-have!

Colour Strokes Liquid Eyeliner with Lash Enhancing Serum – Designed with a precision tip brush for a flawless application, this eyeliner gets the job done right!

Double Trouble Mascara – This dual function lash enhancing serum infused formula gives you full, elongated lashes that are to die for. And with its lash defining technology that separates each lash from corner to corner, you can say au revoir to clumps forever.

Picture Perfect – Arguably the best topical anti-aging product on the market, this advanced formulated serum effectively fills in and will smooth out the appearance of wrinkles on the face. Your skin ultimately appears smoother, hydrated and youthful.

3 in 1 Eye Bright – This ultra-concentrated serum was designed to fight the signs of aging and fatigue around the delicate eye area. Hydrate, nourish, and condition skin while diminishing dark circles and fine lines and decreasing puffiness.

With this kit, you will be set! Your eyes will definitely catch everyone else’s, even at its most natural state. Show us your beautiful face, by using #LashemLooks

Trend Alert – The Color: Marsala

Woman wearing the color Marsala
Each year, the Pantone Color Institute announces their official color of the upcoming year, and this year the gorgeous “rich and full-bodied cherry-brown” Marsala was selected much to my delight. Enriched with the perfect amount of warmth, the decadent hue complements a variety of complexions, which transcends eloquently into the beauty world. Guaranteed to be the go-to shade for hair color trends, nails, and eye shadow and lip colors, Marsala will be a force to be reckoned with. In addition it being a fabulous shade for beauty products, Marsala is an ideal shade for (luxury) product packaging, in both shiny and matte finishes.

Beauty Gals alike are normally as equally into beauty products as we are into home décor, and the multi-faceted Marsala works amazingly as an accent or focal color for home décor and interiors. Organic, yet sophisticated it’s the perfect shade to bring a sense of warmth through an accent wall in an office or living room, and serves as the perfect color for decorative throw pillows and blankets to accent a sofa and/or chaise in a complementary shade.

Marsala appeals to both women and men alike, and pairs well with an array of shades. It provides the perfect amount of drama to neutrals, primarily greys and warmer taupes. Due to its luminance undertones, Marsala is extremely compatible with amber, umber and golden yellows, greens in both turquoise and teal, and vibrant blues. Now that you know, you can stay ahead of the trend.

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