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Best Mascara for Length

Do your short lashes make a party bummer? Get the attention you deserve by sprucing them up with a suitable mascara.


Nothing could spell beautiful more than a pair of long, luscious lashes that just can’t help but turn heads. It always makes a strong statement in any social gathering, and what’s more, it adds up to a woman’s charisma as it draws more attention to their eyes. But most of the times, the long-lash beauty asset doesn’t come naturally. So now you’re asking around who knows the best mascara for length..

We wrote this as a guide because let’s admit it- mascara is just one of the cosmetic products every girl has obsessed over at some point. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kind of makeup; you gotta find which one is really right for you. And if you’re here to find the best lash lengthening product, we got you covered:

Lashem's Double Trouble Mascara

If you’re looking for a foolproof eyelash extender that’s easy on beginners and powerful to experts, then you’re sure to go for Lashem’s creation, the Double Trouble mascara. It’s got all the basics- waterproof, hypoallergenic, and unbelievably strong lengthening power. Plus it’s got many other extras like an extra specialty brush dedicated to volumize your lashes and growth enhancing nutrients.

And then there’s another advantage in buying dual action makeup like this: you’ll save a few dollars because you don’t have to buy another mascara for volume. You can just spend it on that tempting glitter nail polish, hooray!

Waterproof Lengtheners

Love working out with your make up on? Find something that no amount of sweat, swimming, and shower can blemish. After all, most mascaras already offer a waterproof formula that guarantees no raccoon eyes, ever. If you’re sporting an active, unpredictable lifestyle, then choosing waterproof mascara is imperative.

A caution though, many makeup can be so strong that it will be difficult to wash off. So ask a lot of girlfriends which is the best mascara for length that is waterproof AND can be washed without requiring a thinner.

Feathery Finishers

Many gals want definitively long, stiff and dark black lashes as their fashion statement. Yet there are also some who just want to look fresh and natural, with soft-looking, feathery eyelashes that frame expressive and innocent eyes. If you’re the latter kind of girl, then you’ll totally dig those that can give a feathery, not-too-shiny finish as the best mascara for length.

Feathery mascaras work two ways. First they spread out the strand of your lashes so they look fuller. Then, the second and more important one, they elongate more thinly than usual makeup, so they can give you longer lashes with a less clumpy finish.

Hypoallergenic Lash Extenders

If you got a history of allergies, check if your skin is sensitive to any strong chemicals found on makeup. If you’re not sure whether you have an allergy, it always helps to test and see if wearing the mascara feels a bit of itchy. Or better yet, look at the label and only buy hypoallergenic brands. Comfortable wear should always be considered in choosing which best mascara for length will fit your lifestyle.

Alas, no matter how good it looks on makeup models, and no matter how much your best pals recommend it, the cosmetic brand may not work well with you if you’re having skin reactions to its strong ingredients. Always go for the lengthening mascara that is mild on your eyelids and friendly to your lashes.

Shiny Polishers

Of course, when it comes to make up, everything that glitters is good. So why not add a bit of youthful shine on your beautiful curls, right?

Nothing gets more surreal and fantastic for the next party than mascara that can accentuate sparkling eyes with a hint of fancy gloss. It makes your lashes look soft and pliant, plus it looks really good even in dim lights. If you’re a certified clump-hater, you’ve probably found your weapon.

Non-flake and Long-lasting

If you’re the in-demand type of woman, you’re probably looking for something that can survive a day of working hard, partying harder, and being a round-the-clock city prowler. Well, there’s always a mascara that’s just as tough as you are.

Something to curl and elongate your lashes without having to fuss over retouching every now and then- now isn’t that your dream mascara? Well here’s a tip for you lady: go for a makeup that you’ll only need to apply once a day: can last at least 12hrs without flaking and lengthens like there’s no tomorrow. Do that now, and we’re sure you’ll be happy you invested on the right mascara.

Lengthener AND Volumizer

Just can’t choose between having long, luscious eyelashes and having a thick dramatic ones? Good news is you can always have ‘em both. There’s this mascara that has a dual brush to double the dazzle. You’ve guessed it; it can both elongate and thicken your curls without clumping or flaking. If you got the sparse and short asian lashes, this might be the best mascara for length you’ll ever find.

Most eyelash makeup will make you choose between lengthening and volumizing, so be quick to grab if you find the rare dual-action mascara. Of course, not all ladies are bound to find that killer formula that extends lashes like crazy and thickens them lavishly at the same time.

Does having fan-spread, long lashes without wearing falsies sound too good to be true? Believe us; it isn’t. You can skip ahead and get wowed by our great makeup finds. We’ve tried these ourselves, and it looks so good on our lashes that we’re gabbing about it. Shop on, lovely!

The Results



Double Trouble Mascara contains our clinically tested and effective Lash Enhancing Serum. While it instantly amplifies and magnifies the length and volume of your lashes, it also provides you with a very important benefit. The long-term use of Double Trouble Mascara can lead to the appearance of longer and thicker looking lashes. This is an amazing advantage over most mascaras on the market, which only provide temporary solutions for your lashes.

Clinical trials for Lashem Lash Enhancing Serum show an average improvement of up to 46% in lash length and density for 100% of subjects after 6 weeks. Our Lash Enhancing Serum is also free from harmful substances such as prostaglandin, which is known to discolor irises and skin around eyes.

Double Trouble Mascara

Order Double Trouble Mascara today, and join the growing number of women who love using it everyday.